BIG SLEEPS – 4 hour Workshop

• Cover some history of the L.A. Placaso’s and how he has brought his and other styles into the tattoo industry.

•  Live demonstrations and detailed explanation on how to properly use these very distinctive hand styles letter forms.

• Will select one or two attendees to do a live tattoo and explain applications and techniques along with what works best for his very recognized style of tattoo letters.

This Big Sleeps Workshop is loaded with tons of priceless information
All Attendees will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop, along with a goodie bag that includes; Big Sleeps Ink, H2Ocean products, and T-shirts.

Price per person attending is $200
Workshop will be held at Isleta Resort and Casino

If you’re interested in attending Big Sleeps Workshop, please contact Nacho or Bael @ (505) 896-2329 or click here to register.

For payment, please stop by Por Vida Tattoo (take both cash and credit/debit card).
If you are out of town and would like to attend, please contact Nacho and she will tell you how you can make a payment!

Thank you for your interest and we’ll see you soon!